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UruguayIreland.com !

Ádh mór duit chomh maith!

We welcome Ambassador, Mr James McIntyre and send our best wishes for a good interaction between the Embassy of Ireland and the Irish communities in the Southern Cone.

On our third anniversary we welcome the numerous members that have adhered through our registry or blog as well as from Facebook, other networks and similar communities. We feel honoured not only for the reception but also for the warm welcome we received from those who have joined us. We are very pleased to know that we have contributed to the growth of this and other Irish communities around the world.

In the following stage we will be re-designing the site, updating the information and willing to present it in a more atractive format. We wish the site becomes more interactive and invites the member/visitor to continue participating in the discussions and construction of this community in a more 'user friendly' manner.



Comparative Facts


Ireland. Area 84.116 km2. The island is in the North Atlantic Ocean, Northwest from Europe...

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Uruguay. Area 176.220 km2. On the eastern coast of South America over the South Atlantic Ocean...

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We appreciate any comments or suggestions. Please refer and re-send this proposal to those that you think might be interested. If you wish to register in UruguayIreland.com you can click on the following link to fill in the form.

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Our objectives

We are interested in knowing how many Irish and their descendants live in Uruguay and who we are to form an Irish-Uruguayan community with those interested. In reply to various queries and in the absence of an organised Irish community in our country, we have provided this media where Irish, their descendants in Uruguay, Uruguayans in Ireland, as well as their families and friends can get together and exchange different matters of common interest. Our main purpose is to offer a platform on which the Uruguayan-Irish community can get together and where the bonds between them both can grow and develop as happened with most other communities in Uruguay. This proposal should serve to exchange different issues, questions and information that might be of common interest to this particular community like general Irish/Uruguayan culture and traditions, as well as any other interests the community might want to share. UruguayIreland.com will grow and develop according to the interests and input of those who adhere.


In this blog you can share your questions and comments with registered members of UI.com as well as with visitors who just drop by seeking information.

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Many nations, who migrated to Uruguay in different moments ...

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